SEE GOBE: TVC Presenter beats up His Girlfriend, Injures Her (Details & Photos)

When I got this information, my first reaction was a 'laugh'. I didn't laugh because it's a good thing, but this is what I was trying to save some misguided young people from two weeks ago, but folks who don't even know me resorted to using insulting words. I just ignored them and moved on since you can't force a fool to change his/her ways until that fool has first been delivered from his/her self.

If you're a fool, until you are delivered from yourself, you'll keep thinking your way is the best way since there are many people acting like you. Sadly, most times, the majority is going the wrong way.

Now let me come to the issue of TVC presenter, Wale Fakile who allegedly battered his girlfriend, Mandy to the point of injuring her. I won't be surprise if this same guy was among those who used to say 'any man who raise his hands on a woman is not a real man, if she insult you too much just walk away'.

So why should a man who's working in a big media firm beat up a lady who's not even is wife yet?

As usual, the lady did not tell us what she did or has been doing to the guy that made him become violent and allegedly descended on her. While crying out online, she simply said: “I am Mandy, my supposed boyfriend that works with TVC beat me yesterday to stupor with bruises all over and he said there is nothing I can do about it because he is rich and works with TVC and am poor."

Sources claim that the boyfriend, Wale Fakile, was arrested and some say it's the end of their relationship.

Do you want to hear the truth? 
Many young ladies of today lack proper home training. The days of our mothers when the female child is not allowed to be rude or disrespectful is going. Some mothers today are more concerned with competing for EQUAL rights with their husband than monitoring the character of their daughters.

It is what daughters are seeing from their mums they are practicing. If a woman don't have respect for her own husband, it is only natural that her daughter will not respect her boyfriend or husband. You can't give what you don't have. That is the simple truth about all the troubles you're seeing around.

The marriages that are truly beautiful and succeeding are those where there is mutual respect and the wife knows her place, doesn't ride on her husband anyhow and keep telling him to walk away if he's pained.

What Is Domestic Violence?
Verbal Abuse by a Woman versus Physical Abuse by a Man. Women are wired to use their mouth, Men are wired to use their hands. The SOLUTION is for both to restrain; if you keep talking to your man anyhow and people keep saying he should walk away; one day he would be pushed to the wall. Reality!

Women STOP VERBAL ABUSE, Men STOP PHYSICAL ABUSE and you will have a peaceful home.

I've taken time to write this much because a lot of relationships and marriages today are just a mess. Sad!

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